Wednesday, April 11, 2012

dressed up sweats

This post is inspired by my cousin, Emmy, who recently gave birth to the cutest child I have ever seen. Emmy has always been beautiful, fit, and fashionable, and being a new mom isn't going to change that. I thought of her when I saw these J. Crew sweatpants which are described as a "high-low mash-up... [crossing] a drawstring sweatpant with a trouser silhouette." Trousers that feel like sweats? Sold. I rode with this theme of comfy-cute: something a new mom could wear and feel good, but still be comfortable enough to have a baby on the hip and not worry too much about spit up. A high-low hemmed, slouchy sweatshirt leaves room for a stomach without being a tent. The flats add a little sophistication, and the wrap around watch represents as the only piece of jewelry (much harder for a baby to pull on than earrings). A hair scarf serves both to cover up bed head and add a little more color to the look. Top it all off with a quilted diaper bag, androgynous enough that Pops can carry it too while Mom is twirling around in her new trouser sweats.
sweatshirt, sweatpants, hair scarf, diaper bag, flats, watch

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